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FLL vs. PLL for teacher intensive?

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For my son in 2nd grade we used PLL and really liked it, but I remember it being pretty teacher intensive. We have since then added a toddler to the mix and will be welcoming another blessing in July. So I am wanting to find something that I will be able to get done with my daughter 7 & in 2nd grade in the fall. I have always wanted to try FLL since we loved OPGTR and want to follow a classical approach as much as we can.


Any thoughts or ideas?

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I haven't used PLL, but I do use FLL. FLL is definitely teacher intensive in the fact that you have to be there during the entire lesson. There is no work assigned for the child to do on their own. That said, the lessons are VERY short. If you plan to use FLL2, it will take 5-10 minutes. It's pretty simple. FLL3 takes a little longer, as there is writing involved (FLL2 is oral), but even that doesn't take but 10-15 minutes.

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