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TT Algebra users and CLE 5/6 users


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Is the pre-test deceptively easy?

I was looking at the Algebra 1 pre-test compared to the pre-algebra pre-test and it looks like Autumn would easily test into the Algebra 1 program this summer when she finishes CLE 5 and the Key To series (fractions, decimals, and percents) looking at the end ss for CLE and the Key To books. Is that right?


We are just looking for a summer program. I intend to continue on with CLE 6, but looking at THAT it appears it may not be necessary after CLE 5 *and* the Key To series. (it appears that Key To books cover much of what is in CLE 6 without much deviation.)


What says those who have used the programs?

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We are halfway through CLE 600. It continues nicely from 500. I plan to have dd move on to 700 and then decide if she's ready for algebra after that. 600 introduces some algebraic concepts.


I haven't used Key To. We tried TT and were not impressed.

If 600 introduces some algebraic concepts we will go with that. We might just not start at the beginning. Thanks!

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