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Does anyone know if readingeggs.com works on kindle fire?

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In case anyone else wondered (as I did), you can use the app Rover to access Reading Eggs on the iPad. I just pulled it up tonight, so we haven't worked with it much, but so far so good.


I've got rover but I haven't tried it with reading eggs. That's good to know that I can use it if I need to.


What I have been doing is using a remote desktop app with the ipad. I think the one I have is called splashtop (or something similar?) and there are other ones on the market as well. I'm using reading eggs with a 3 year old and he has trouble with the mouse, especially on some of the timed/faster sections. With the remote desktop, I move the keyboard away from the monitor and put the ipad in its place. Then we turn on the remote desktop. The ipad shows exactly what the monitor shows and he can just touch on the ipad instead on clicking with the mouse. He can watch on either the ipad or the monitor. Some of the reading egg games don't work well this way, but I usually sit next to him with the mouse and move it as necessary (it still works). Things like where you would move the cursor over a picture but not click on it do work on the remote desktop/ipad combo, but they are a little complicated for a 3 year old to do consistently. It's working really really well.


BTW: You can use the remote desktop without sitting directly in front of the computer, we just do it this way for convenience for reading eggs. The remote desktop is great because we can watch/do anything you can do on your regular computer on the ipad. You are just controlling your computer from the ipad. We use it to watch videos that won't play on the ipad but do play on the computer.

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