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Narration question

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I have a question about narration that came up today when we were working. We are pretty new to doing the narration so I'm still getting used to it.


We are doing science per the WTM recommendations and have just started working through the animal encyclopedia. I asked ds6 what he thought an interesting fact was about big cats, the section we had just read. Referring to a discussion we had about protected animals and how the fur is sometimes used for coats, he replied "People go to jail if they shoot them."


He just turned six so I do the writing for him. Do I write only what he said or do I add an explanation following his answer so if he turns back to this page in his notebook at a later time, he will remember a more detailed version of what we talked about?

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Bumping for you. What I do is I say, shoot who? So at least I could get "shoot seals" instead of "shoot them". Then I write verbatim what he said. I may say, anything else? Is there anything else you remember?

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