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online pre-calc classes, anyone?

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Good Morning! My younger son is finishing up Thinkwell Precalc and will begin Thinkwell Calc within the next few days. Both courses are well done. My older son used Chalkdust Precalc - not an online option, but good lectures on DVD alongside a VERY thorough textbook. He then went on to Thinkwell Calculus. He was very well prepared for calculus when he got to university. Hopefully younger son will be as well!


The Art of Problem Solving offers live on-line courses that you might want to check out. My younger son participated in their Intermediate Algebra class - these kids were doing some serious math! AoPS class move fast and offer the students a chance to think very deeply about math, which can be fabulous or overwhelming, depending on the student and his or her schedule. It was some of both for us, but I am very glad my son participated in the class.

Best of luck finding what you need!



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