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ds's glasses broke - help!

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Ds (4.5yo) was sitting beside me on the sofa when his glasses came apart. A screw fell out which caused a lens to fall out also. He is very far-sighted (about +7 or 8), so he doesn't see so great with out them. I can't find the screw and I can't go anywhere to get then fixed (or buy a repair kit) until dh gets home this evening.


He is complaining about needing his glasses. How can I make him more comfortable/content today without them?

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They sound like my and my son's glasses. The two parts of the frame encircle the lens and the screw holds it all tight togther.


Do you have an picture frame wire or florist wire? That may be small enough that you could insert it through the screw hole and twist it off just so it holds the frame parts together to hold his lens in place until tonight. A paperclip may work, but may be too big for little kid glasses, which may be a factor in what you can get though the hole.


If you are really, really desperate, you can try a needle and thread. Sew the thread through the screw hole a few times then tie it off tight. It should hold till tonight if he doesn't mess with it.

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If you can get it all back together again, try putting a twist-tie through the screw hole and twisting it really tight. I have been able to keep my driving glasses together that way until I could get them fixed.


I'd rig up the glasses any old way I could (that didn't permanantly damage them) so that he can wear them. That must be frustrating for such a small boy. :grouphug:

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I've used thin jewelry wire before.


One of my kiddos is very far sighted and was very rough we always buy two pair for times like this. It seemed like they were always breaking at the most inconvenient times.


We also purchase locally and the optical department was really good about sending extra screws that fit the glasses home with me so I could take care of minor repairs right away.

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