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buying in bulk

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If you order food in bulk, what company do you use? What products have you ordered? Is it organic? How/where do you store it?


Thanks :)


I buy grains from our local health food store. I usually purchase oats, flour, rice, etc. I store them in the original bag inside Rubbermaid totes and pull out enough to fill my canisters/jars as needed.


Meat is purchased from a local organic farmer. We can store half a beef critter and half a pig in our chest freezer.

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If you live in the West, Azure Standard is a good option for ordering in bulk.




They deliver for free to local drop-off locations. And they do sell organic.


I'm not sure how long you want to store your items. If it's for long-term storage, I use mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, and then keep them in 5 gallon buckets (free from my local grocery store bakery).

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I keep things in the freezer, for the pantry I put them in mason jars or glass milk jugs. I got pantry moths ONCE and I will NEVER go through that again! I am very cautious about how things are stored now. :lol:


I like Azure or the local Frontier co-op.



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Azure Standard is delivering out my way finally so I get to order through them! I love it so far. I used to order some things through bulkfoods.com and go to a restaurant supply store in town and I'd drive about 1.5 hours to get my wheat. I'm so glad I can buy it all through Azure now, it's much easier.


I keep all of our bulk grains in the deep freezer. We, too, had pantry moths once. YUCK! And what a waste, I had to throw out so much food :(

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