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Schedule for cheap Chalkdust Elem. and Int. Algebra a Combined Course, Larson

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I have read threads about scheduling this. One said they lined up exactly with the separate Chalkdust Algebra 1 and 2 courses. There are 13 chapters.

1-10 is Algebra 1.

4-13 is Algebra 2.



Has anyone just scheduled 1-13 in one year?


8th - combined Algebra course

9th - Duke Tip Geometry w/ cd-rom

review combined Algebra course over the summer

10th - Chalkdust Pre Calculus?

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I really do not like the combined courses except for review.


The vast majority of students need to 'stew' on the material-- go through it in Algebra 1, have a break using the basics in Geometry, then go through it again in Algebra 2-- the difference in maturity is AMAZING-- Algebra 2 goes so much deeper.


When you do a combo course you are forcing a student at the Algebra 1 maturity level into deeper material that they do not have a firm grasp on...


Algebra is such a foundational part of upper maths-- I would not want an 'express pass' (only way I would consider it if the student was OLDER and had some natural math ability but for some reason had fallen behind and needed to get back on track).

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