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Favorite Books for preschool - kindy


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I've never kept a log of books we've read, and I regret it now. Even with the regret, I'm not organized to start and keep one now. I know we read a lot of great books when my older two were younger, and now I'm having trouble finding books to read with the younger two. We have found a few though:


Tiger Can't Sleep - I love this book. It has a very cute and fun story line. I love the ending. I adore the art work. (I wish I could draw that well.) If I were buying books, I'd definitely add this one to our collection.


Parts - This one is cute with fun illustrations also. It's about a boy who thinks he's falling apart. It's a great book for boys and kids who are nearing the stage of loosing teeth.


Flush: An Ode to Toilets - The author of this book is a local children's entertainer. He goes by The Noise Guy (link to noisy website...turn on speakers) and is great fun. You can see him reading the book on

; no one can read this story like the author, and you're kids will love it.


The Wonderful Book - This one is short but very sweet. It's about a book that gets used in many different ways.


What are your favorites for this age group?

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I love My Father's Dragon and its sequels. We adored Blueberries For Sal, Make Way for Ducklings, and Lentil by Robert McCloskey. Some people hate them, but they were the girls' all-time favorites, The Year at Maplewood Farm and Animals on the Farm (I think it's called that?) by Provenson. Caps For Sale was a hit too, which I never would have suspected. Little Pear was adored by my 4yo. She went around pretending to eat tang-hulurs for weeks. We are enjoying The National Geographic for Little Kids Book of Animals. It has bright, engaging photos with simple text for this age range.

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I didn't keep a log at that age either, but from what I remember, DD loved:


The Duchess Bakes a Cake - I think it was because I would poke and pinch and "sit on" her when the Duchess was trying to keep the cake from rising


The Monster at the End of This Book - a classic! I remember reading it as a child


We Help Mommy - We love Eloise Wilkin's illustrations, and have since collected quite a few of the books she illustrated


Black Beauty - yes, at 4, she has always been in love with horses




The Giraffe Who Walked to Paris



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We have never kept a listing but here are some we can read from memory:


Where the Wild Things Are

Chicken Soup with Rice

Go Train Go

There's No Place Like Space

Little Golden Book---My first counting book


Also any books by Richard Scarry, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss and Robert Louis Stevenson.

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  • Anything from the FIAR or B4FIAR book lists.
  • Right now, my little guy is into Little Toot (the originals, not the newer, abridged versions).
  • I also like Robert McCloskey.
  • A newer one that I really like is The Circus Ship. It is very well written and beautifully illustrated.
  • Dr. Seuss books are always a hit.
  • My ds also enjoys abridged versions of classics. He was very excited to read one based on Gulliver's Travels today.
  • The Anansi books have been fun to share.
  • Both of my kids ask for the original Ugly Duckling quite often. (It is on the Ipad, and I suppose that that is some of its interest.)
  • My older child loved historical fiction, geography and folklore at that age, and I compiled a list of books that we read organized by continent and country.
  • It is nice to have a big book of nursery rhymes. Ds memorized his first poem from one of those books several months ago. 3
  • A good first chapter book is Winnie the Pooh.

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