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serious nasal/sinus congestion while pregnant?

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So the subject says it all, pretty much. I'm 11 weeks along and just when I feel like some OTC medication might be okay, I read up some more and scare myself out of my mind since I'm in the first trimester which is a vulnerable time.


It started on Sunday and has gotten worse. This afternoon I lost all sense of smell/taste. Wondering if I just need to go into a doctor and get something prescribed or if this might still run its course and clear up on its own.


I have taken a bit of generic Afrin (3 times since Monday) and that helped a TON, but I know it can be a bad idea to overuse those nasal sprays as you get "backlog" congestion or whatever they call it, and I guess pregnant people are a bit more susceptible to congestion issues anyways, so I am hesitant to use it much more. (Maybe that's why it is SO bad right now.)


Saline nasal spray/drops doesn't seem to make a dent in it at this point. I also tried steam and Vicks and they didn't do a thing. First time in my life that I remember not being able to smell Vicks.


I'm so miserable and uncomfortable (though aside from the whole congestion thing, I don't feel achy or anything, so I guess that's good). Any recommendations?



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I would try a neti pot and lots of warm tea. Smelling the steam. :grouphug:


This is what I would do, too. I had really bad congestion a month or so ago. I literally could smell nothing, even when my nose was clear. I'm nursing, so I didn't want to take any medication, so I did the above things, and they did help a little. The neti pot doesn't really work if you're exceptionally congested, but if you have a time when it feels you could get the water through, use the neti pot. My favorite things is to bring some water to a boil, turn it off, wait for it to cool down a bit, then go breathe in the steam for a bit. I found that helped the most.


I think time is really the only thing that will help much, however. :grouphug:

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You might be able to add something like Vick's to the mixture...(I also vote for long hot showers, netti pots, etc.). A doctor is not likely to prescribe anything for a cold when you are pregnant...they will however treat you 14 days later once your really, really bad cold becomes pneumonia (I went to the doctor after being sick for 7 days, and was told to just tough it out...7 days later, I was being treated for double pneumonia).

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I can sympathize greatly! I have horrible sinus allergies when I am pregnant. I take Zyrtec nightly and chlortrimeton as needed. I also use afrin because I cannot stand mouth breathing. My nasal congestion literally goes away the day the baby is born. I've tried it all, nothing else helps. It's miserable!

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