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Norton Anthology of World

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I'm going to show just how ignorant I am (as if my writing and spelling hadn't given that away by now;)), i have a book from college days - Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces Volume 1 Fifth edition ISBN - 0-393-95428-5 . IN it are several pieces for next year's reading, Confessions of St Augustine, Dante, Sir Gawain, Canterbury Tales, Petrarch, Machiavelli, and several pieces before this time period (ancients ) and after (Renaissance). I can't tell if they are full works or just parts. Nothing in the preface, intros or the contents says "abridged" . And, well, I don't' know enough about any of the works to know if it is a full work. :blushing:

I'm guessing they can't be full works or this book would be a thousand times bigger but the print is really really really tiny and the typeset enough to make me think they could have done it.


If you have any idea if these are the full works,please enlighten me! thanks!


I do intend to buy the actual books but thought this would help me in reading especially with all the little notes.

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