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Phonics Road 2 Questions

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Okay..I don't have PR 2 yet but...I am doing PR 1 w/ 2 sets of kids, older to work through it faster and then my 2 younger that we will take it as slow as we need.


Now..the two older, I am wanting to get PR 2 and not get the student sets, Barbara said they could just use notebooks etc...but, what would we be missing? If I decide to get the literature study later does it work like that or is the literature study started in the beginning of PR 2?


I don't like feeling like I am missing a big part of something. Barbara had said once they get to level 3 everyone would need their own student kits but to fast pace it through 1 and 2 the older ones just need notebooks.


My older ones have not done much composition or literature study so I don't want them missing some good stuff.



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The literature study in PR2 is a basic introduction. I skipped it with my oldest and my twins are accelerating through it as 3rd graders just for the oral fluency. On the other hand, I would not miss the literature studies in PR3 and PR4, even my oldest will complete those. In PR3 the spelling and grammar begin to tie in with the literature study.

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