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Connecting With History


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I've searched the archives and not found a whole lot of info. from those who have actually used this program. The new website seems way more navigable than it did when I last checked a year or so ago.


I'm looking for feedback. We either need to find a solid Catholic history program or I'm going to use secular History Odyssey and Intellego and add in as I can. It sure would be nice to find a very usable Catholic program so I can save myself a lot of legwork.


Thoughts from those who have used it for at least an entire year? I'm looking specifically at Ancients K-3 for next year.



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I know two people IRL who have purchased at least one year of plans.


Neither ended up using it for more than a trial & at least one put it up for sale. I'll add that I know that one of them has admitted to being a sort of unschooler, so I didn't really expect her to use it. I don't know what sort of HSer the other is, only that she has lots (8?) of kids (with a fairly decent age range) and not much time to plan.


Hope someone who HAS used it chimes in.

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Sonya, who writes RC History, just started a new web forum, so maybe you'd get more help there. I own both the second and third volumes, but have never really used it. I don't mind planning, but never could really figure out how to plan it or how to pick and choose from the options available.


I've gone with History Odyssey and switched out the recommended books for CSTP books and added in stories of saints of the period. That took a lot of planning too, but I could figure out how to do it.


I want to love RC History, but can't. Not yet anyway, and the author really guards her stuff zealously, so no one is allowed to really share detailed lesson plans of how they do things. Though I think she may be adding a paid section to her new forum where people will be able to do that.

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