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HOD Read Alouds/Indep Reading...

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Hi there HOD users,


Just figuring this out:


1. The Books listed in the Emerging Readers lists and the DIPTHR books are independent reading and the book list (like the Classic lists/girls interest) are they read alouds?


2. When they say Read Aloud - is this the parent reading aloud to the child, or the child reading aloud to the parent?


3. Also is the independent readers ever reading aloud to the parent?


Thanks :001_smile:


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Emerging Readers are not independent readers. I'm doing them with my now 6-yods and we sit down and read them together, unless I'm doing it wrong which is always a possibility :) Because he's such a new reader, we sit down and read the scheduled reader book together and I help him with any words that he needs help with.


Dithor for the 2/3 year old crowd is a mix of indepedent assignments and the child reading to you. Usually it says to have the kid read aloud a certain section. I think the DITHOR for 4/5 may have the same directions but my 8 yods has been doing the DITHOR reading completely by himself as does my 10 yods. I listen to them read to me during the history box so I figure that's taking the place of me listening as they read the DITHOR books.


The Storytime Box is a read aloud by the parent time in all the levels I'm doing (Little Hearts/Bigger/Preparing). That's the part listed as Classic/Boy's/Girl's though the DITHOR books are also listed as Boy's vs. Girl's in some levels so I hope I'm answering the question you're asking.


I think you were considering Preparing yesterday so I'm assuming by Independent Readers you may mean the Independent History Box . . . that usually involves something the child reads by themselves. Usually they read it themselves and then narrate a portion back to you. My guy in Preparing is in the section right now that involves reading Miriam of Galilee independently but for instance, today the instructions told him to pick out an interesting part of the reading and read it to the parent.


We play with the HOD system a bit on this subject. Like I said, I have them read aloud to me during History reading time because I'm already sitting there with them and that way they can work more independently on their DITHOR subjects. We've had a couple of storytime books that they read by themselves also, either because I'm busy or because I have one child who would really rather read by himself.

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