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s/o Helping Parents W/Financial Concerns

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Thought of something, and I didn't want to distract from the OP, so thought I'd spin off.


It was mentioned that others have taken over bill paying for their parent(s), given them a budget/allowance for spending, etc.


Now, I'm not saying anything bad at all about that arrangement, please don't think that.


But reading that, it freaked me right out. Wolf and I struggle to manage our *own* budget and finances! I can't imagine the extra pressure that would exist to take over managing someone else's too!


Granted, I'm also thinking of *our* parents...it would be a nightmare, both our mothers would say they wanted the help, but then scream blue murder when they weren't able to buy whatever struck their fancy.


For those in that situation, how do you balance that? How do you manage it so that a) the parent doesn't feel infantalized, and b) so that you don't resent having to enforce someone else's budget?


(I'm referring to those who are poor money managers, not those who have become physically/mentally unable to manage their own finances).

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