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Where is the world of normal?

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I can't find normal. I'm not talking about the imaginary "normal" that one might read about in books or see on TV, I'm talking about normal for my family. We have pretty much been in a state of transition for so long I'm lost. We've moved twice in the last year, once internationally and once because of a crazy landlord; added to our family; started homeschooling; are suffering from culture shock in returning to the USA; have lived in hotels for weeks on end at certain points; gave up our daily activities and friends (obviously with the moves); dh has changed jobs twice, same employer, different people and responsibilities and is bringing stress and complaints home (this is new for me as he hasn't done it much before and never for so long); we have no friends in the area and don't have many prospects; my oldest seems to have lost the ability to follow rules, do what he's told, or be respectful; the toddler is taking cues from the older one; and while dh sees the same problems/issues I do his answer is wait it out or the manly "I don't have any ideas."


Some days (today being one) I feel as if I'm ready to explode.

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First of all :grouphug:


We have been in pretty much the same boat. Moving jobs, houses, countries, gone back and forth, lost everything a couple of times in the process, etc. We have come to accept the only thing normal is what we call "our little family". We strive (sometimes quite successfully) to maintain a certain consistency in our daily routines. We try to be kind to one another. Even when we are grouchy and morose we hold each other (literally) and wait for the storm to pass. Yes, many times I have felt like exploding and a few times I have. Our ds went through a phase when he was out of control and it took months to get him back to normal. It was mostly trhough consistency and lots of patience. Not like I'm an expert or anything but I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response. I am trying to be patient and have finally gotten dh to understand the importance of consistancy so I think we're on the right path. It's just really been a hard time and the last few weeks I have felt very frustrated by it all.

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