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HELP asap w/K... WHAT do I do with this K-2 Hooked on Phonics learn to read set?


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I'm planning what to do next year for our daughter's K year. Right now she is in an integrated preschool afternoons, but we will probably pull her out next year for K. (Even if we didn't pull yet, the school's K is 1/2 day so we could also school at home.)


At a recent library sale I paid $5 for a box of Hooked on Phonics, which I now see was probably a very good buy. It is a deluxe learn to read set for K-2, which appears all unopened and unused materials. Can anyone tell me if this is a pretty complete phonics curriculum, would I need to add anything to it?


For K there is a set of 14 HOP books, 10 HOP companion boos, Helper Words and Word Play cards, stickers, a game board, several more sets of cards with what look like rings, and 3 CDs, a Parents guide, stickers, and Yellow Workbook.


Any help would be great. We were thinking of going with Calvert K curriculum but seeing everything we have here makes me thing perhaps we could just use these as the phonics component and add to it.


But please help -- don't really know WHAT to do with all of this. Thanks! Oh and need help ASAP as there is a 30% sale on today for Calvert and I need to decide right away.



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I agree with the PP. I use Hooked on Phonics as well. My son is finishing up the 2nd grade level, and my daughter is judt stsrting the 1st grade level. I have been happy with them. They are very simple to use, my kids generally like them, and it gets done everyday. I do supplement with AAS for more comprehensive phonics instruction.

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