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need reassurance


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Is anyone else feeling agony over the next month? I just want March to be gone while we wait for any acceptances. Dd was accepted at the Univ. of Illinois and so has some place to go that she likes, but we decided to try for really competitive places since she already has a good school in hand. Everybody reports April 1st, supposedly.


I thought the process was absolutely grueling. Probably spent 30 hours writing the Common App school report and homeschooling supplement. Two schools lost it and I had to resend it (we mailed it due to length). Then, there was about another 10 hours spent on financial aid (we have very complex taxes). I only have one child, and don't know how I could go through it. Dd cranked out more than 30 essays, despite the "Common App' just about everyone had a supplement. An interesting twist--her college essay was just awarded a Gold Key in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. Hope the admissions people like it that much.


And then there's the hysteria and mood swings from dd while she waits. What's so upsetting for both of us is that all this tremendous effort, and you have absolutely no control over the randomness of it all. No matter how good you are, how great the grades, how excellent the test scores and extra curriculars and awards, we hear everyday about outstanding kids turned down at every competitive school to which they applied. I just don't know how we would face 8 turn downs.


Words of wisdom?


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No words of wisdom other than try to keep busy with other things. It makes time pass more quickly. :grouphug:


I am relieved that my college guy and soon to be college guy both had places they were happy with and had enough money for before the final month. Oldest didn't even need to wait. Middle is just waiting on one place. Otherwise, his decision is set with a good school he likes and enough $$ to afford it.


With 8, I'd like to think you'll have some good news - perhaps even more than one! ;)

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Grueling is not the word for all this. We have some pretty good news but, are now filling out forms requiring "supplemental financial information". We have high need and have to prove it by writing out all our expenses and income for the last year. But, whatever hoops we need to jump thru we will.

We did 10 applications, we are waiting to hear from our final 3 most selective schools in April.

I guess the by-word here is to just keep on plugging, a little everyday...It will soon be August, and they'll be gone:001_huh:

We have avoided some dd mood swings by doing a bi-weekly status check up. It seems to help, even if there is nothing new. We have planned a visit trip for a few weeks from now. That has helped as well.

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