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phonics road? comprehensive?

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i am trying to find a more comprehensive program for reading and spelling. I know alot of people here recommend AAS and I am looking at that. Can I get more information on phonics road? Easy to use (for me?) good at teaching rules? Pros cons? I know its pricey, so I want to make sure before I make a purchase...


Thank you!!


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I have the Spalding book--reading it really helped me with PR, but PR is a little more "open and go." However, I think that because so much of PR level one is learning the spelling rules and words (which are all in the Spalding book), you could start with Spalding and if the program resonates with you, move forward with PR 2.


The cons for many people are watching the DVDs with PR. It is not hard to do, but it does get a little tedious. I watch while folding laundry, etc.


I really like the integration of LA in PR, but I also supplemented this year with WWE1.

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I don't know the age of your child but I started my 2nd grader in PR 2 this year no problem. I only had to watch the DVD if there was something that I didn't already know. Once you get the swing of the songs and rules you can do many weeks without the video. If I had a question I would pull it out to review the part I wasn't sure of(like a marking or something in the grammar part).

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PR is completely comprehensive in the language arts. By the end of the program you have handwriting, spelling, grammar, light lit. analysis, vocabulary and word root studies. It's brilliant!

Been off the boards b/c I'm in school full time right now, but my blog has a lot to offer about PR, including a great review of just how comprehensive PR really is.

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I've used both for level one only (PR1 and AAS1). For level 1, I prefer AAS. It is more systematic. The progression is very methodical and well organized. PR throws all of the spelling rules at you at once. It was a little like drinking from a fire hydrant for my 7yo (started at 6) who needed a slower progression.


The scripted nature of AAS works better for me than the PR videos. I found myself delaying lessons because I hadn't watched the video yet.


I like PR's rule tunes over AAS's cards, though.


Finally, for me, I love FLL, AAS and WWE. I don't want to trade those gems in for an all-in-one curriculum. However, remember that I didn't go past PR1.

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