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B-day party for 13 yo ds

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Dh came up with the idea of an overnight camping trip with ds and a couple of friends. Doing some fishing. Not sure how that would fly with some parents.


Any other ideas for a 13 yo boy turning 14? It's so much easier when they are little. Ds hasn't had a party since he turned 6 and he really likes to do things with friends. The only other idea I've had is paintball. The group of kids is pretty outdoorsy and athletic.

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Paintball sounds fun! There's archery lessons, horseback riding... you know, I like the camping idea, actually. If there's enough kids that know each other I don't think parents would get the willies. Some sort of survival type training weekend or something. Sounds pretty coming-of-age to me!

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When dd turned 13 we rented a hotel and they spent the night eating pizza and playing in the pool. Late they played games (Killer Bunnies and UNO type games) and watched movies. The next morning they had breakfast downstairs and they went home very, very happy.



I would consider doing something like this, but with a hiking trip during the day or similar. I have to say I loved how easy it was to set up/clean up. :D I don't know about letting my child go camping without me. I grew up camping/hiking and sometimes it can be a bit dangerous, (rowdy boys around fire, getting lost, falling etc) so I would want at least two adults.

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