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Biology - Elemental Science / ClassiQuest & ES's Lapbooking Biology


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I'd like some Hive Advice.


I've been waffling over my curriculum choice for (logic stage) biology for this fall for my oldest. Should I get Elemental Science or ClassiQuest? My kids are not particularly science-y, but they like experiments (although not writing them up).


We have not yet found a science "program" we are happy with. We tried Biology a la WTM, Apologia, God's Design, physics via "kits" and "real books" (very NOEO-ish w/out NOEO's plans), and this year we are doing Beautiful Feet's History of Science.


There is no way I can teach two completely separate science levels. My time is already going to be maxed out (6th, 4th, 1st, & two VERY active (destructive) preschool/toddler boys). So, my thought was that whichever program I chose for Logic Stage, I'd bring the younger two along with ES's Biology Lapbooking program. I would love some opinions from people who have seen it, used it either as a supplement or a spine (adding living books, perhaps), or tried it & discarded it.


Which logic stage program is better suited to add ES's lapbooking program to? Would I be better off just sticking with all-Elemental Science? Or, would a different perspective from the two programs make a good combo?


Ideas? Comments? Other options I haven't considered?

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Another option for you might be Easy Classical. It is scheduled for k-6 and for only 2 day x week. The online schedule samples look great and they even recommend reading TWTM before hand. It reminds me of biblioplan. We have not tried it yet but are planning to use it in the fall. Wish I had hear about it sooner.

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Huh. I never saw ClassiQuest before. It looks written to the student? So they can do it themselves? That's cool.


(I guess ES is like that too...this is my first time delving into logic stage anything, lol....but I like that CQ doesn't seem to require sketching. Sketching will ruin it for my DS.)

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