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Poll: Americans *only*, have you been outside of the country?

If you are an American, have you ever traveled outside of the US?  

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  1. 1. If you are an American, have you ever traveled outside of the US?

    • Nope, never.
    • Yes, one country.
    • Yes, two countries.
    • Yes, three countries.
    • Yes, four countries.
    • Yes, five countries.
    • Yes, six countries.
    • Yes, seven countries.
    • Yes, eight or more countries.
    • Other.

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I'm 8 or more. Unfortunately I feel like travel has become so much more expensive in recent years that I kind of doubt that my own children will have the opportunity to travel internationally as much as I did in my pre-child years.

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I was born into a military family, joined the military and married a military man. So I've had opportunities to tour the world. For the first time I got out the atlas to actually total all the countries up and I got to 30! Canada, Mexico, Republic of Korea, North Korea (crossed over the line in the DMZ), Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Japan (Okinawa, not mainland), England, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Greece, Turkey, and Russia. I had a layover in Iceland, but I don't think that counts.




ETA: Forgot about Hong Kong, while still belonging to Great Britain, on my honeymoon. Can't forget that!!

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I have been to more than 8 countries, and plan on many more. We haven't been out of the country for a few years, because our kids activities have sort of overtaken our schedule. :auto:


My dh and I plan to travel when we get them all grown. We used to think we would like to eventually move to a foreign country, but now I see that having grandchildren might nix that. I could never move far away from them.

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England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, El Salvador and Nepal


On the way to Nepal we had a brief lay-over in Korea and spent the night in Bangkok. However, we never left the airports so I didn't count them.

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Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, St Lucia, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines. I think that's it? Maybe? Oh, also Texas.


And, as many of the rest of you have said--what's more significant are the 170 or 180 I've never seen but want to.


That's what "someday" is for, eh??

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Grew up in Kenya and have traveled to about 8 African countries other than the one in which I grew up.


Going to and from Kenya to the US, we would stop and travel in either Europe or the Israel, Jordan, Egypt area, so we would often go to 6 or 7 countries on those trips.


As an Adult I have traveled to 7 Asian countries as well.


So, about 22 countries in Europe, middle East and Asia. 3 North American countries, 2 South American countries, 8 African countries, making around 35 countries in total that I can count off the top of my head at the moment.


I have not been to Australia or Antarctica, but have been to the other 5 continents.



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I was an exchange student for a year in Sweden. Spent a month in Guatemala learning intensive Spanish. Spent a month in China visiting a friend and traveling. One month in Ukraine when adopting our dd. One week in Ethiiopia when adopting dd and ds. Lived in Germany for almost three years. Fortunate to have had a job in the Coast Guard where I traveled all over Latin America/Caribbean training Coast Guards and Navies. Plus personal travel.





























St. Nevis/Kitts





Cayman Islands

Dominican Republic


Haiti (brief port call)

Japan (layover only)

Sudan (layover only)


Whew! More than I even thought!



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So according to the WTM world the current count is about 94% of WTM have traveled to a foreign country and about 6% have not.


My list is: Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Bahamas, Martinque, and Aruba. And our airplane stopping in Iceland maybe doesn't count.


Yeah, something tells me this is not a representative sample. I remember growing up that most adults in my life had never left the small, rural county I lived in. A lot of my former highschool classmates have never traveled out of NY state. And where I grew up, a 1 hour drive with no passport would easily take you out of the country (I lived within 30 minutes of the Canadian border) and into a city with many cultural opportunities (Montreal). In that particular case, I really don't think it is a matter of wealth, but rather lack of interest.

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I'd never traveled out of the tri-state area before I went to college.


The traveling choir took me to:




China (Hong Kong)



I missed out on Haiti because of the coup, and Europe because they asked me to go at the last minute.


I visited a friend a couple of miles over the border in Tecate, Mexico in my early 20s.


My parents had never been out of the country until they were in their mid-50s, and my dad was in the military in his early 20s. My sister went to Cozumel on her honeymoon. That's pretty much it. My brothers rarely leave the state. My in-laws are homebodies too.


I don't think WTM is a representative sample. Most people I know consider international travel too expensive.

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canada, jamaica, england, scotland, wales, france, holland, belgium, luxembourg, germany, switzerland, austria, portugal, spain, italy, egypt, israel, jordan, australia, new zealand.....


that's 19....


oh, mexico, costa rica, bahamas



eta greece...



i'm american now, but i didn't start out that way....


very fun!


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I've been to: Canada, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Germany


In a few years we hope take the kids on a big trip to Rome, Greece, Israel, Petra in Jordan and Egypt!


petra is amazing!! we felt way safer there than we did in egypt, and that was a few years back....


hope that works out for you!


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15 so far: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Aruba, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, England, Ireland, Gibraltar(if that counts as a separate country), Italy, Greece(Crete), Turkey


We lived in Spain for 3 years, so that made it easy. My son was born there and we can't wait to bring him back to visit! I love to look around the house at the items we've brought back from each of the places we've traveled to....they all bring back great memories. I am so thankful for the opportunities we had to travel so much.

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Is he still Navy? Why don't you mac to Europe? Spain is cheap. Just planting the seed. :)


He is still Navy, it due to family size hey won't send us overseas anymore without heavy handed lobbying. Plus with his rank and what he specializes in there really isn't anything they'd put him in unless it was a "we have to put a butt in the seat" last minute thing because it would be a waste of his training.

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I accidentally voted one, but I have been to two other countries: Canada and England.


My husband, on the other hand, has been to Singapore (twice), Japan (twice), India (three times), Spain (once), England (lost count, maybe 6), France (1), Canada (lost count, more than 12 times), Israel (twice).

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I've been to:


The Netherlands (4 times, once was engaged to a guy from there!)

Italy (2 times)

Peru (once)

Argentina (twice)


My husband and I once had an older gentleman tell us that it's worth going into debt to travel. While we aren't going to go into debt to do it, we are planning on going to Ireland and Scotland within the next five years. That's our next trip. Then we'll start planning and saving for another one, probably Tanzania with the kids since we have friends there.

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The longer I think about this, the more countries come to mind, but let's go:


Canada, Germany, India, England, France, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, China, Bahamas, and however many of the islands on my recent Caribbean cruise count as countries.


Obviously I'm not done yet!


I almost never left my home state until I was 18, at which time I drove up to Canada for the first time. Around age 32 I went to India, my first trip off the continent. That was around the time I paid off my student loans and started to have more than two pennies to rub together, so I got the traveling bug. After I became a mom, my passport expired and I had to get through a lot of paperwork to get my kids' passports, so I stayed within the USA for four years.

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Ireland, Ethiopia, France, Thailand, Canada, Mexico (many times), England. I also spent the night in a Frankfurt hotel (long layover), but I didn't count Germany.


Eldest DD and I spent a week in Paris just before she graduated high school, DS and I spent a week in Ireland, and youngest DD wants me to take her to England. After that, I told DH I would save up to take him to the tropics (not sure where). He's been craving a tropical vacation for years, but he keeps letting the kids and me use the FF miles, dear man! :001_wub:

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I've been to Russia, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany, South Africa and UAE. So seven countries for me. But I've never been to Canada or Mexico. :001_smile: I've lived in Russia and England and visited all the others while living in England. And hopefully, if everything goes as planned, I'll go to Italy and France with my mom in September.

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Twelve that I count (two more in layovers). In order, first trip when I was 19:

1. Mexico - lived with a lovely Mexican family in Hermosillo for a week as the conclusion to a two-semester multi-discipline class called "Freshman Honors Colloquium." I don't speak Spanish :D, but all three of the other girls staying with the same family spoke at least a little.

2., 3., & 4. England, Scotland, and Wales - made into the BYU Wind Symphony and toured the British Isles for 4 1/2 weeks with them. We stayed with local families, and played 26 concerts and had a two-day recording session while we were there, so it's a bit of a blur.

Layover #1 - Amsterdam - on the way to 5-7.

5., 6., & 7. Austria, Germany, and Switzerland - Served an LDS mission to Austria, spending 15 months there, one month in Germany, and two days in Switzerland.

8., 9., & 10. - Taiwan, Hong Kong (in 1989, so still a British colony), and Mainland China - Back in college and back in the Wind Symphony. Month long tour. We saw the protesters in Beijing, but were home again before the shooting started.

Layover #2 - Japan - on our way home from China. We also spent three days in Hawaii, but as determined above, this is a state. And anyway, Utah has a very large Polynesian population, so it's not even a foreign culture! :D


Hiatus occupied by graduating, dating and marrying DH, and working until we were stable and owned a home. Took DH to Austria to show him around.


Then DH and I took my mom to Germany and Austria, and on that trip, we added:

11. Paris (can't really say France, because we were just in Paris on an extended 24 hour layover.)


Then we took our son and my MIL to Germany and Austria (45 minute running-flat-out-from-one-gate-to-the-next layover in Paris).


Then we took our niece, our son, and 1st daughter to Germany, Austria, and

12. Belgium.


We are slacking off. Baby hasn't been out of the country yet, and she's 26 months. She doesn't even have a passport yet.


We travel cheap. We bought our first set of tickets cheap by flying a foreign airline, and redeemed sky miles for our other trips. We rent an economic car, and stay at vacation apartments once there, eating at least two meals in per day. The most expensive trip, with five people for two weeks, was still less than $5000. Travel is a huge priority for us, second only after school books. We usually buy used cars and used furniture.



DH has been to six: Canada with his family, and the five we've been to together. DS9 has been to five, starting at 10 months. DD7 has been to three, when she was 18 months.


Sorry for writing a book! Did I mention, we LOVE travel?

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Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Italy, Sweden and England. (Sorry, I voted 5--forgot about Sweden!)

Not enough!:D




Me too! I voted 5 and forgot Sweden as well. I've been to Canada, S. Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and France. I would so love to travel again!




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Sorry, I had to chose other due to my age at the time for most.


If you want ever been out, then yes! My dad was Army and we lived in Germany for 3 1/2 years. We went visiting other countries while we were there, but I was 5 when we came back to the States. I don't know how many, let alone which countries we visited. I remember Germany of course and Italy. But I'm sure we visited others as well.


As a teen, we went to Canada. As an adult I've been to the Bahamas.

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