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When you got little sleep the night before...

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How do you make it through the day? I got less than 6 hours last night and I am dragging. A nap sounds tempting, but if I nap I will be up again late tonight. So I have to push through the tiredness. Generally I tend to overeat when I am sleepy, but that is not an option today.


Any suggestions?

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I've gotten less that 6 hours of sleep for too many night recently. I do usually try to catch a nap.


I know this won't help you for today, but could you try to take a little nap before lunch? I find that if I'm super-tired, I'm tired enough to nap in the morning and it's less likely to keep me from being able to fall asleep at bedtime.


I hope you get better sleep soon (and that I do too!). :001_smile:

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This is me most of the time. Coffee helps a lot. If you aren't a coffee or tea drinker, ice water helps too, the coldness of it sort of perks me up. Fresh air is good. If it only happens every once in a while, I wouldn't sweat it that much, just do a lighter day. I find if I am really too tired, I make a lot of mistakes in doing corrections, can't focus on the lesson long enough to teach it, etc. Give yourself a break and get the rest you need.

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Coffee, coffee and more coffee, I seldom have more than a couple hours of sleep, and am still trying to make up for the 1 hour of sleep I got on Saturday night. I just keep drinking coffee until I either start vibrating or I have energy to do what I need to do, which ever happens first.

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It's mind boggling how little coffee I drank before I started homeschooling. Perhaps it's because I didn't need to be firing on all cylinders first thing in the morning. Answering questions about nebulas and black holes at 7 am make my brain hurt. There's a rule in our house: no asking questions before Mommy's finished her coffee.

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I warn everyone ahead of time. Then I grouch at the kids, drink too much coffee, accidentally doze while the kids read to me, wish I could put the kids to bed at 4 p.m..... Oh, wait, were you hoping for something helpful? :D


Going for a short walk, or even stepping out onto the porch for some fresh air helps, at least temporarily.


Hope you get a good night's rest tonight.



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For you:



small light meals so you won't get too sleepy--protein

get outside for a bit frequently - walk dog, check the mail


For occupying the kids:


DVD's (documentaries)

Art day

Have them read poetry to each other

have them help with some quick chores

math review--not a time for new concepts

anything they can do independently


Nothing mentally strenuous for anyone.


We're perpetually recovering from illness here this winter, and have had more than a few tired days. :tongue_smilie:

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