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If you were going through a lot of stress...

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what would you do for your diet???


I know I am in for a very busy year. I am looking at some opportunities and hoping with all my heart for something. I am also dealing with a huge loss, a very big personal struggle, more than 1 difficult teen and a dad who is no longer ambulatory...


I feel my personal stress levels rise.


I'd like to do what I can to eat right for stress.


What have you found works for the digestive system under periods of stress??



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Fresh veggies are my go-to when stressed. Sometimes it's tough to find the "good stuff" during the winter without paying an arm and a leg, but I told DH that we had to shuffle the budget to get more fresh stuff in the house since we have all been sick this winter.


Snacking on fresh sliced peppers or baby carrots. Fresh spinach salad or some nice steamed broccoli. Gosh! I must be hungry this evening - it all sounds good!


I find that it helps to prep the veggies ahead of time because often when I am stressed, I don't feel like cooking.

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:grouphug: Right there with you as far as personal stresses.


One thing I like to have plenty of when under physical or emotional stress is homemade chicken stock, made from organic chicken. I make a huge batch and freeze it in 3-cup portions. Then at least once a week during cold and flu season, and also during Ramadan when we are fasting, I make some kind of soup using this stock, which is very nourishing.


I also daily take a multivitamin, extra D, a probiotic, and fish oil.


It's psychologically very comforting, and hopefully physically effective as well!

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Lots of yogurt and keep salad stuff on hand. It's always a good meal. Keep tempting fruits around too. I like to do all of the chopping/prep once or twice a week, then coast for the rest of the week. It can be your side, or a base for a hearty main meal if you add hardboiled eggs or some meat.


If you prefer warm foods, I'd make a vat of great veggie soup and freeze meal-sized portions.

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