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REALLY wish I could just have a Mikes!

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But alas, I'm pregnant. My 2 year old is tantrumming (teething and wants an endless supply of posicles). My 12 year old is in a snit because I wouldn't take him to the bookstore until he did his schoolwork and chores. Then I had to remind him to do his chores, and was unhappy with the C he got on his math test due to simple careless mistakes. He said I'm too negative. Um, yeah...you screw up and I'm negative all right. Then he would NOT stop arguing/contradicting;/whining about everything I said.


He has now been sent outside to clean dog poop. If he wants to shovel out that kind of bull poopy he can go clean some up to make up for it :)

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Well, personally, I am of the camp that believes an alcoholic beverage or two during pregnancy is acceptable. However, I know not all agree and I'm not trying to stir that pot here ;)


But, now that I guess I already *have* ....


I agree with Dr. Pepper and chocolate being the next best thing. (though, truth be told, their safety could be argued too LOL)


Anyway, I'm rambling, one of *those* days for me. Sorry you're having a junky day :( Good call on making him shovel ;)

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