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If you've used BJU American Republic (8th grade)-I have a couple questions please.

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How did you schedule it out-both over the days and over the year? We'll be starting with the chapters *after* the American Revolution so we can have more time to the Student Activities book, add in some lit, etc. (we've covered Early American thoroughly already.)


How did you schedule in the Student Activities from that book?


Do I need the TM? (for both the Student Activities and the regular book) I generally work w/out one, but I'm not as familiar with this history time period.


Did your child do this fairly independently? Did they (and you) like the book and retain from it? Would you recommend it? Any other comments you have about it?


Looking at this for rising 7th grade dd for the fall. (she is easily doing the BJU 8th grade sci in 6th grade this yr, so the level won't be a problem.) Thanks!



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My youngest is doing that book now. All four of my children have done that book. It is a textbook so it is drier than living books,however, it is more interesting than most textbooks.


Only one of my children did "some" of the student activities. They basically cover the same things as the section review questions, chapter review, and tests. Extra busy work in my opinion, but excellent busy work if you need it. I would only do the activities book if you do not do the other assignments. There is some map work and other activities that are useful and informative.


Right now the basic assignment is to read one section per day, be prepared to orally answer the section review questions IF I have time to go over them, and do the tests open book.


The assignments have been different according to the child. My ds doing the book right now is a history buff. If he finds something interesting in each chapter, then he'll be researching that topic on the internet on his own. He usually gives me an oral narration and his opinion regarding the text's bias on his own.


We also occasionally use the chapter summary to write IEW style. KWO, rewrite, add some dress-ups.


I do use the teacher's manual to get answers to section review questions and chapter reviews. With other children I used the TM to "lecture" or give more information. If you are going to use it more as a "spine" and are not going to assign questions or chapter reviews then the TM is not necessary.


We do not agree with certain theological views that BJU holds and comes across as bias in the text. But those statements make wonderful discussion points and are not so numerous as to detract from the lessons.

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