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One more time: Writing programs and dyslexia

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As an OG tutor for students with dyslexia, I have found that Writing Skills is a great resource for teaching students how to compose sentences and paragraphs. It is not explicit enough for longer compositions, though.


I love IEW for students who struggle with writing. It is systematic, and the checklists give students objective techniques they can use to improve their compositions. With students who struggle with writing, I do not worry much about them being stifled by formulas. They often find confidence with IEW, because they do not have to guess about what or how to write.


How old is your student? You would need the Teaching Writing with Structure and Style. It is really meant for the teachers. Then you would probably want a Student Writing Intensive, but not necessarily Level A. Level A is for elementary ages, Level B middle school, and Level C high school. All SWIs are for students new to IEW.


You can find these products used and save a good bit of money.


Hope that helps!

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We have been using the Red level. I don't think you really need to worry. There have been some good parts, and ds writing is continuing to improve, but I haven't loved it in the same way I loved the green and yellow levels. The grammar is not helpful at all (underlining parts of sentences...much research shows that it will NOT transfer). As usual I really like to have such a well planned out program, with lessons and checklists, as it keeps us very, very accountable and accomplishing a lot.


Right now we are on pause from it because ds needs to learn and apply 5 paragraph essays for our end of year state writing assessment (seriously???? two 5 paragraph essays???? sitting in an exam room!)


As far as Writing Skills, Book 3 does teach multiparagraph essays. I am familiar with IEW. I have watched the entire TWSS and have used bits with ds and students that I tutor. The thing that will be frustrating is that many of the passages that they have you use are not deeply constructed like the Writing Skills paragraph structure. But with that caveat and also that I am not a fan of a couple of the units they teach, I do like the program, and I think you would be happy using it.


There is a graphic in the latest IEW catalog that plots their various products to grade levels (also labeled with the link excellenceinwriting.com/start). They suggest for TWSID-B or TWSS with medieval History-Bassed Lessons or Ancient History Based Lessons.

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My student will be a 12yo 6th grader in the fall. I guess Level B then?


The next level of the writing program we've been using is $355 plus $59 registration fee :eek: So buying IEW new seems like a bargain! LOL


Wow! IEW is a bargain, then--especially the TWSS. If you work through that & understand it, you can apply the IEW approach to content-area writing.


Yes, Level B would be the choice for your ds. You could also go with one of the theme books, but personally I would probably go for the SWI this year, because it is more structured. The theme books jump around a bit.

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