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First Grade Readers? I can read books? Scolastic?

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Trying to set myself up for next year. I want to have lots of reading materials for my son because he is motivated by variety. This takes planning cause we are overseas but I can bring stuff back this summer.


Anyway he is reading CVC words, starting blends and picking up some site words. He is making progress and enjoying himself. I know each kid is different but what would you expect for next year. I was going to order stuff from scholastic cause its cheap and I can get a lot but trying to figure out what?


Do they do I can Read Books? Is there a lexile number I should aim for? or just get a variety?

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Some of the beginning readers we enjoyed;


Little Bear

Frog and Toad

Dr Seuss books

The Nora Gaydos collection and of course "Bob Books"



But if mailing were a problem, I would probably look at a couple of used readers that they use in school. I know guidepost includes a lot of actual children literature in their early readers, and it might be easier to get your hands on that then try to find the actual books and pay for them to be sent individually.

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So stuff like Henry and mudge and little bear. When are they able to read that? Is that what I should be planning on for next year? We do have bob books and I ordered Nora Gaydos. Scholastic has alot of those I Can read books in their catalogs. Are those a good choice?

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My girls that would be considered first grade love Dr. Suess books, BOB books and the like. My complaint with I Can Read books is that they have TONS of sight words in them and my girls HATE it when there is a word they don't know. Mind you, we are late in the game of teaching phonics successfully and I just now feel we are on the correct path and making strides in reading accomplishments.


They also love Starfall and they have books available for purchase.


I prefer to stick with fully decodable books for them to read on their own. I do pick I Can Read books for them but I am typically reading them for them, other than words I know they can read. My girls love the accomplishment of reading TO me.


I do realize some kids are at a more advanced reading level than my girls (they are reading cvc and beginning blends) and could handle the I Can Read books easier than mine. My nephew that is the same age as my girls can read the Magic Tree House books and that just blows me away if you consider my girls reading abilities. It just shows that their levels and stage of development vary so much from child to child.

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Have you tried anything online? Including the material on Progressive Phonics.


Also archive.org for the vintage stuff eg Free and Treadwell readers.


I say this because so many readers are only read once.


Raz kids is a decent online option. It is $89 since you have to buy a class, but you get thousands of books, they are at different levels, and they can progress through the levels. They also have a comprehension quiz at the end of each book. Another thing I liked is that there is a mix of nonfiction and fiction. We used some of the higher levels in our history or science learning since you can have to books read aloud if they are beyond the child's reading level. Oh and you can also record the child reading to book to practice fluency. I like everything about it except the price, but since it is online there aren't shipping fees.

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