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Sonlight Core H: anyone using this?

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In another thread where I asked about early modern/ modern history for gr 8, someone suggested checking out Sonlight Core H. It's been many moons since I used a SL program, but it does look pretty impressive and well organized. I'm wondering if anyone has used it and lived to tell the tale, though ; ) What I mean is that even when I did use SL, we never managed to complete a full year or read all the materials. Just looking at the Core H book list is a bit overwhelming--I counted over 40 separate books for the year! Is it really manageable to get through all the material? Any thoughts or advice re using Core H?



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We are currently using it. We will not be able to finish it in one year but that is because of me. My DS(10 when we started this core) reads well, just prefers technical and Sci Fi, but he wasn't doing a great job on his readers due to lack of interest. This was reflected in his written assignments. My solution is to go slower and do it all as read alouds. Its a massive amount of reading most days so I can't always get it all done. My Dd is more than able to do it as SL assigns but likes to listen too. We just started core 200 for her. She still plans to do the other with us.


Anyway the books are great. We've learned so much. I think it is possible to do the course in a year as long as the readers are readers.


I will say we haven't done much of the Bible portion. It isn't a good fit with our family this year. But there is nothing wrong with the course. Probably the books will be read eventually, just not out loud by me! We've been using a Westminster study guide instead.


Hope this is helpful.

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My ds used G, I got "the grass is greener" syndrome and hopped over to HOD and then MFW, neither of which was a good fit. I'm going to use Core F with him as soon as SL releases their newest version next month.


I'd love to to Core H with him, but since I've curriculum hopped I need to devote his high school years to one more run through US and world history. My plan is to do Core F in 8th, Core 100 in 9th and so on.


I have older children in college and I used SL with them and they still remember many of the books fondly. Of everything I've used, the things they've learned with SL seems to really stick. Even the books they said were boring or they didn't like, they still remember. There have been plenty of times my dc have whined about not liking a book and my response is usually "I don't like it either, but read it anyways because you might learn something". Rarely have I felt a SL book was a waste of time.

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It is easy to find a few books to drop if it becomes too much...once you purchase and have SL forum access, you can look on the forums for recommended book drops by those who have already been through the core.


In all the cores we have done (except the preschool cores), we never read every single book in every core. :)

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