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Big Change in our plans

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I have posted before about why we had to start afterschooling but here it is in a nut shell. My 5 year old missed the kindy cut off in our state by a month and even thought she was more than ready to start there is no "testing in" at all. So we were presented with a pre K option that sounded great. Only to find out they changed the program this year and it wasn't what we were told it was going to be. The original plan was for Avery to complete pre K, move to kindy then skip into 2nd grade since that would be the first year she would be old enough to skip according to state laws. Well from the beginning of the year all I have heard about is how boring it is etc. The middle of the year she started regressing and BAD! I went and met with the teacher and thought things were going to be better but nothing changed.


Before school started I contacted all the private schools in town and no one would take her early. I called again after things were getting worse for Avery and found one school that was willing to look at her so we went to visit and they felt she was more than capable to be in their kindy program. We are all so excited.


We are still doing some afterschooling at home but I am so much more relaxed. It was really really hard juggling working full time and trying to homeschool too. Now I feel like I can truly afterschool and focus on supplementing instead of having to do all the teaching like we were before!!

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I'm right there with you! What a relief! I had this elaborate Excel worksheet where I would feel the pressure to show x hours per day and include all the subjects each week. Now we just do what makes sense, and don't sweat it if days go by without any serious work.


Good luck with the new school!

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