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XP: Question about AAS & Megawords for Logic Stage

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Jennifer, we never used AAS, as it came out too late for us to try with our younger DS who has some LDs, including big struggles with spelling and writing.



HOWEVER, we had no problems simultaneously using Megawords with the individualized spelling (based on vowel patterns, from "The ABCs and All Their Tricks".) We practiced and tested the words from our individualized spelling, and did Megawords as a supplemental spelling support.


I did NOT try to "match up" spelling rules because Megawords mostly goes by syllabication, not vowel patterns. But more importantly, while the units can be done separately and, I suppose, out of order, overall within each Book -- and from Book to Book -- Megawords seems to build up from easier words to harder words, easier exercises to harder exercises. I think a student would gain more benefit by just doing Megawords in order, as a supplement, and do AAS as the spine for the main teaching, the exercises/practice, and testing.


Just my very non-expert opinion! :) BEST of luck with your struggling speller! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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