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Entering Highschool Mid-cycle and AP Tests/CC, maybe it could work?

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I've been using Ambleside online with dd10 and we love it. She's learning a ton. She is a young 5th grader this year and we're going to start year 6 term 2 in a couple weeks. We also get other book suggestions from livingbookscurriculum.com but our base is Ambleside. I thought we would have to stop using it because I didn't think it could work out to enter highschool Mid cyle and still be able to take AP & CC classes. Well I wrote it out on paper and it could work if we get to year 10 by 9th grade. We school year round so we should be able to do this, if not we could do the light years instead.


This is the plan/outline I came up with:


English I or AP Lang.


Early Modern World History

AP US Government or just goverment

AP Environmental Science



AP Lit

Algebra 2

Modern World History





American Lit*

AP US History



AP Art History



British Lit*

AP European History

AP Science or Physics*

Calculus* and/or AP Statistics


* means the class is offered at CC.

There would also be electives but thats the general outline. Do you think this looks okay? :bigear:


Yes I'm planning highschool for my rising 6th grader :lol:

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