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Egyptian Mummy Little Sandbox.....dd LOVES it (pics inside)


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Just wanted to share about the My Little Sandbox Play Sets. We got the Egyptian Mummy one from Rainbow Resource. My dd LOVES this and never gets bored with it. She rakes the sand....runs her fingers through the sand (it's cool to the touch and so smooth....it's actually relaxing to her)....buries the jewels in the sand....pours sand with the shovel over the pyramid....buries the mummy in sand inside the sarcophagus....changes the way her oasis looks....makes sand hills. I could go on and on. This is just the coolest thing. There are a bunch more and I definitely plan on getting the Knights & Dragons and the Pirate one. Those two are a bit more pricey....but judging by how well the Mummy one is such a hit I think they are worth it.


I'll try to include a couple of pictures here. My dd is setting it up nice so you can see everything. Notice that there is even hieroglyphics along the outside edge of the sandbox. The mat underneath comes with it too.

ETA: My dd said the only thing this set is missing is a camel. I wonder if I can find a little camel for her.

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Ah, the idea is great, but it wouldn't work at our house.

The sand would end up in the carpet, the jewels & other pieces all over the house...


Maybe in another 5 years...


Yeah....I was actually thinking of saying that your child needs to be old enough not to fling the sand around. The box says 3 and up....but I don't know about that. Thankfully, my dd is quite responsible as far as taking care of things (she got a little sand on the mat...but it's easy enough to just dump it back).

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