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What Can I Expect for the Length of a School Day?

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I don't usually venture onto this board since my oldest will only be starting 3rd grade this fall, but I need some perspective from you wise ladies and gents who have children in the upper elementary ages.


We are currently using HOD and really enjoy it, but I've read recently that the upper guides (CtoC, RtoR, etc.) take anywhere from 4 1/2 hours (the author's estimate) to 6 hours (the upper end of what I've heard from actual users) to complete. This is without breaks. People are talking about their children doing school all day in 5th grade! I can see school taking this long in high school, but upper elementary seems a little soon. :confused:


So I need to know if this is normal for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th.



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