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Tearing up workbooks

Wheres Toto

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After the long filing thread I took apart most of my son's workbooks and put all of his work for a week in a binder with dividers for each day. This has been working GREAT! He knows exactly how much he has to do and goes through it with much less complaining. The only workbook I didn't take apart was HWT since it's usually a two page spread and the pages are odd sized.


Now, I'm planning to use Spectrum for Reading and Grammar. These also have a two page spread for most of the lessons. What did you all do with workbooks that were arranged this way? Is there some way to make this work that I'm not thinking of?

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I'll share what we do. Most of my kids' workbook pages are a single page, frontside + backside. But DS does Horizons 4 Math which is frontside+backside+frontside of the next page.


I tear all workbook pages out of the book over the summer, then assemble them in an old Sonlight binder with a week's worth of pages filed together. Then each week, I take out the pages, and write the date at the top. Then I put each day's worth of papers in a hanging file folder for each day.


So for the upcoming week, the front of each page would be dated "Mon 3/5," "Tues 3/6," etc.


On the Horizons Math pages, the first page is dated "Mon 3/5." The front side of the 2nd page is dated "Mon 3/5, cont." On the backside, the next lesson starts. I date it "Tues 3/6." That page goes in the Monday folder. Then on the frontside of the following page, I date it "Tues 3/6, cont." The 2nd page goes in the Tuesday folder.


When DS gets to that lesson, he completes the 3-page spread. I check his work, then he puts finished pages in a folder titled "Finished Work." If the backside of a page has a new lesson, he puts that page into the next day's folder.


I hope that makes sense. :)

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