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Looking for Suggestions - Big Roadtrip!

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Since DS is turning 8 this year and DH has told him since he was little that he'd go on his first big hike in campout with him at 8, we're planning that and just decided that we're going to add to that and extend it to be a month long road trip. DH will be with us for ten days, then return home to work, and I'll continue along doing a huge loop, getting us home again a few weeks later.


I know this is crazy! But we just see such a huge opportunity to see a really big swath of the US and really make it an educational experience.


Right now the plan is that we'll rent an SUV so that any potential road problems are the car rental company problem, not mine to manage on the road with two kids. That and we don't have to add almost 7,500 miles to my aging minivan, and we'll be able to access more areas requiring a high clearance in an SUV than my minivan too.


At this point, my draft includes our driving out to Colorado Springs as our first stop, where we can do the Western Museum of Mining and Industry, Pike's Peak and the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine (we've previously visited Garden of the Gods).




Glenwood Springs

Grand Junction area

Moab (DH would fly in here)(Arches & Canyonlands)

Durango area (Mesa Verde; DS & DH camping here)

Kokpelli's Cave overnight stay (it just looks so cool)

Four Corners

Mexican Hat (Monument Valley, Valley of the Gods)

Chinle (Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest)

Pine Top


Phoenix (DH would fly home from here)

Palm Desert - Joshua Tree

Sequoia NP

Kings Canyon


Carmel to Eureka Coast

Redwoods NP

Grants Pass


Mt. Hood


Craters of the Moon

Yellowstone NP

Teton NP

Cheyenne, WY

Lincoln, NB


Suggstions for what to do and how long to stay....if some places should be added, some removed.....places to eat that are mom & pop instead of chain restaurants, etc.....tourist traps to avoid.....gems to not miss!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Have you considered renting an RV instead of an SUV? It sounds like a great trip. Dh and I drove from Alaska to the East Coast but we spent a lot of time out west since I had never been and dh had seen very little of it. It took us about 43 days.


I didn't see the Grand Canyon on your list, but maybe you have already done that.

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Many years ago we enjoyed camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. Talk to the rangers beforehand if you decide to go--they'll let you know the best strategy for getting a good spot. The best memory we have of it is when a large buck walked through our campsite. Dh and I were doing something (so our backs were turned away from ds) and noticed it got really quiet. Ds (about 1.5yo at the time) and this buck were just staring at each other. The buck stayed about another minute or so then wandered off. We had a great time with the hikes there, too.

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