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FLL or WWE or both?


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I don't really have advice for you, but I can give you my experience so far:


My son did WWE in the first grade, but I put grammar off until second. (Well, we did a little grammar with Sonlight LA, which is what I started with, but pretty soon moved away from that and ended up with WWE and no grammar beyond what we talked about with the WWE work.)


This year I started him on R&S English 2 (the lowest level they have) for his grammar, while continuing on to WWE2. (R&S English 2 is very grammar-heavy, and very "composition" light, particularly when you do most of the homework orally, as we do.)


It's worked well for us so far. I think in part it's because my son has to listen to enough reading during the day, and really loved getting his own stuff to read with R&S. (I did "try" FLL with him, with a copy checked out from the library, but it was a total flop.)

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We've used both and I've found they compliment each other really well. The grammar is so gentle and done orally so it's not overwhelming. We come across things in WWE that we've learned from FLL so they reinforce each other nicely.


WWE 1 is 2x copywork (generally one sentence, going over simple grammar) and 2x narrations per week. It holds your hand and takes you through the narration process step-by-step, laying the foundation for dictation and summarising the following year.


We don't use a handwriting program - we use the copywork in WWE as our handwriting practice.



~ Jackie

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FLL1 is incredibly gentle and takes very little time. WWE1 is more difficult (mentally), but the writing is very age appropriate, and it also doesn't take a lot of time. You can easily finish both in 20-30 minutes.


You can safely wait on grammar until 2nd or 3rd grade if you want, of course. You can jump into the FLL series in either of those grades at grade level.

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My oldest is wrapping up 1st grade (already?!) and I had the same question you are asking when we started. I agree -- I have been using both and it's been great. As others said, FLL & WWE complement each other well and FLL does not take much time at all so it's not like adding a huge intensive grammar program.


FYI - We are using the old book that has grades 1 & 2 in it (not the newer updated editions that are split out) and it does have a little narration/copywork stuff that I skip because we get that from WWE.


I say go with both! :)

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