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Am I crazy for wanting to get Abeka Art K?


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I know what Abeka Art is like in the early grades. It's more like a craft. The kids color, cut, and paste or staple. There's not a whole lot to it. But I'm thinking it might be a good thing to have for crafts b/c I don't always have the right materials lying around for "real" crafts. I'm just thinking that if I want to do a craft at least once a week, it'd be a whole lot easier with the Abeka Art.


Am I crazy? Maybe I'm just being lazy. I just know that we've had a subscription to FamilyFun for years now and we hardly ever do the crafts inside b/c we almost never have all of the materials, and I don't feel like making a special trip to the store to get the materials.

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If your daughter is anything like my 5yo dd, it will be well worth the purchase. We've done Button Bear, Amber Lamb and are now doing K4. Since she's been 3, doing A Beka Art has been the highlight of her day! :001_smile: The only complaint I have is that there has been a lot of repetition of activities (some of the 4 yo Amber Lamb ones were identical to the 3 yo Button Bear ones).

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Perhaps you would like this book. We currently use it, but most of our art currently revolves around holidays/season, as does this book. (Or, you could sign up for their free "My Mailbox" online. They have an art section that is constantly being updated.)






Or, perhaps one or two of these from Scholastic Dollar Deals will get you going. (Sale ends today.)



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