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Keeping internet safe

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I have been without internet, except on my phone, for about seven (?) months. It's been WONDERFUL, but Ana wants to take some AP courses.


On the 16th I will have a new teen in my house. I want my computer locked up like Fort Knox. I don't even want access to Wikipedia. (I'm not kidding.)


Is there good, reliable, safe software? What do you use and why?

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K9 is excellent. You might particularly like the Time Restrictions feature where you can only allow internet access during certain times (for the AP classes). Getting on the internet any other time would require a password.




Also, make sure you have a good anti-virus program installed. Make sure it is set to download updates and scan the computer no less than once a week.


But the #1 absolute most effective safekeeping method we use here is the Eyeball. All of our computers are out in the main room, used under the supervision of adults. I can and do check the browsing history on any computer and the kids know there is no way to hide. I have told them that if something "pops up" that looks bad or strange to come get DH or I immediately. We have had only one problem in the last 5 years and that was with a program DS wanted to install for a school project (the free-ware was infected). I have all the passwords to everyone's email and check them periodically.

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