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American History curriculum?


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Has anyone used the Bright Ideas American History Curriculum?

I have been looking at it on CBD and some members of our support group are very interested in it. It looks like the 1 level is for younger children and level 2 is for 6th -12th. How accurate is that and how flexible is it for a wider range of children? ANY thoughts? Thanks!:001_smile:

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I love it. Its very conversational and informative. I burned my daughter out on it though, unfortunately. I did that with my oldest when I was new to homeschooling and was not flexible. She started out loving the workbook, then started to not like it. Well, being the box checker that I am, I made her continue with it. Then she HATED it. Then it transferred to hating the curriculum.


Now that I have been at this a while I know how to be flexible as a homeschooler. I know how to tweak to my kids interests and abilities and I whole heartedly wish I did not burn her out on that. Its an amazing curriculum. Now I know how we could have had so much fun with it. Instead, my oldest has a phobia against it :001_huh:

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