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Copywork in 1st/2nd grade and 4th/5th

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Most of the time our copy work is a sentence about what we just read that I have picked out on my own.


This. I have a note for each child what the focus is for copywork that week: dialogue, parts of speech, punctuation, etc. and look for sentences as we're working through school.

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My second grader's copywork is from whatever book he is reading at the time that has good language in it. Right now, it is The Call of the Wild. Before that, it was The Little Prince, and Baree before that. I don't remember what we used before that. I assign his reading for the day and mark a paragraph or two of that for copywork. When he read The Mostly True Story of Homer P. Figg (or something like that--I always get this title wrong), I did not assign copywork from the book because the main character's grammar was so awful. He read Little Prince along with Homer just for copywork.


My son likes copywork. I have no idea why, but I am guessing it is because he likes the books themselves.



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I use the passages from Kate Van Wagenen's day-by-day dictation (free on google books) for copywork and dictation. My 2nd grader is in the 2nd year, and my 4th grader is in the 4th year. :D


I tried finding passages from various places, but to be honest, I need a more efficient system or it doesn't get done. I like the sentence choices in day-by-day dictation, and I like that it is orderly, selected, and grade leveled. The sentences may not be the strongest ever written, but they are quality and much better than my kids write. The books have about 130 selections for each level. I don't have to think about copywork or dictation anymore.

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