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Susan in TN

Slow-moving teenage boys?

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My 16yods moves at a slow pace, even when he thinks he's hurrying :glare:. He's almost always the last one out of the house when we're going anywhere - and that's even with 10 minute warnings. He is improving on this.


He doesn't utilize his time well and wastes a ton of time between "subjects". I don't think he's being deliberately lazy. He just has difficulty changing gears.


He says he likes having quiet when he is working, but honestly I think he stays on task better when he's upstairs with the rest of us. In our household, that's with most of his younger siblings where there's noise and chatter and distraction.


We've done schedules, charts, and lists. He has trouble keeping up with these, although it seems that when he makes a list of tasks he does better. He also has a very, very full schedule - right now he has 15 hours per week (including travel time) of music lessons/groups outside of regular schoolwork/instrument practice and he's working on his Eagle Scout - some of this will ease up after the spring semester.


Do you have any suggestions? Things that worked well for your kids?

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That is my 14ds exactly! It drives me crazy. Chores that should take 20 minutes take an hour, he is a very slow (but thorough) reader, etc.


For mine, he has ADD and is just off the Aspergers scale, and has distractibility issues. While he's drying a pan, for instance, he'll stare out the kitchen window and dry that pan for 5 minutes. My dh is exactly the opposite - he's a get-things-done kind of guy, with an extremely high work ethic. Don't think this hasn't caused some rows! :tongue_smilie:

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