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My continuing UTI saga

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Ugh! I'll never agree to see this doctor and her nurse again. I'll wait and see another doctor in the practice instead.


I went back for the standard repeat urinalysis today (no appointment required) because:


1) The pharmacist was surprised I was given the antibiotic prescribed. She said she hasn't seen it much recently because it's proving no longer or less effective.


2) I still had symptoms the last day I took the antibiotic.


3) Now that my menstrual cycle is over, I know that the abdominal pain and lower back pain I'm having is not menstrual related.


So, I had gotten a $175 bill from the hospital and didn't know what it was because I hadn't gone to the hospital and it put the bill way over what we had discussed it would be. It turned out to be for the urine culture. They sent me a financial aid packet. I expect that I'll qualify. If I do, it will covered all/part of the bill and anything in the next three months. So, I asked the lady at the lab if she could send it to the same place the first one was sent. She acted confused because they don't send out urine unless it isn't clear. I explained that I'm not expecting it to be clear. She insisted that I needed an appointment to do the repeat analysis if I didn't expect it to be clear and made me talk to the nurse I didn't like that first time I met her three weeks ago.


That nurse implied that the pharmacist (or I) was lying because she hadn't heard that the antibiotic that prescribed wasn't effective, and they get updates daily.


She insisted that repeat urinalyses come back clear because it isn't normal for the antibiotics to not work. (So why do them routinely if they always come back clear?) If I still have an infection, I need to another appointment with the doctor before they'll prescribe a second antibiotic and I'll need a referral to a GYN. She later called to tell me I still have an infection and if the second round of antibiotics don't work (the ones she insisted wouldn't get prescribed without an appointment), I'll have to come back for a referral for a urologist. I'm glad she changed her mind about the kind of doctor I will have to see because I couldn't figure out why she thought I had to see a GYN for a UTI.


Her whole attitude was that she was smarter than me. She even said, "Whatever" at me.


Yeah, I think I'll avoid her in the future because, really, I'm not as stupid as she apparently thinks I am.



BTW, this is the first UTI I've gotten in many years. I'm pretty sure I don't have anything major, like reflux, going on. I recall a time in my early twenties when the doctor gave me three rounds of antibiotics before the stupid infection cleared. The same thing usually happens when I get sinus infections; the first try never knocks those out.

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