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my friend susan has lost her fight after the stroke

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:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: She looked like a wonderful person.


BTW, I have told my family that if I should die when my son is still young, I'd ask them to ask anyone who cared to to write a letter to him for when he's an adult. Not a "I'm so sorry", but I "I remember the time" or "You mother told me this joke" or "Did you know she loved paisley?" letters. Even, "I kissed her in the bleachers when we were 14" letters. Everything. A family member can keep them sealed up and safe for when her son is 25 or so.


I know someone who died when her kids were still in diapers, and I returned the little cards, even Christmas cards she'd sent me, so that the kids can see them when they are grown and see the kind of things their mother picked out.


Just a thought.

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