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Which selections from Herodotus?

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We're using the Rutherford Guide to read Herodotus. I'm pre-reading right now. I believe she has you skip books 3 & 4 and read the rest. I linked an free audio source on another thread.


I'm using the Landmark edition of Herodotus, which has great footnotes, maps, endless appendices. There is a great introduction.


I'm actually finding Herodotus quite entertaining, I'm only on book two. The little asides and personal comments are almost funny (I have a weird sense of humor). His description of other cultures is very interesting (and you thought we had some weird customs!).

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We focus on the Persian Wars, which are: Marathon (in book 6), Thermopylae (in book 7), Salamis (in book 8) and Plataea (in Book 9).


If you don't want to read all of Herodotus, books 2 and 3, in which he describes Egypt and its history, are good candidates for skipping.

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