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Kindle Lending Library through Amazon Prime

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I need some recommendations for books through the Kindle Lending Library which is free as a benefit for Amazon Prime members. I see the Hunger Games series there (but the subject matter disturbs me so I just don't think I can read those), but I just can't seem to find other 'good' books.


I'm brand new to Amazon Prime so maybe I just haven't figured it out yet. Recommendations please as I would really like to get all my $$ from Prime.


Books I have recently read and really enjoyed are:

Jodi Piccoult

Charles Martin

Sarah's Key

Nicholas Sparks

Anita Shreve

The Help

Water for Elephants


Hopefully that will give you an idea of the types of books I like to read.

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I finished "Hunger Games" yesterday and I am now half way through the 2nd book. I resisted reading HG probably for the same reason you have, but my daughter again asked me to read it.


My 14-years-old daughter said HG was about government control and socialism with a brutal story of teens killing other teens as the vehicle to tell the story about an out of control government.


Well, that still sounded horrible and didn't tempt me, but because she asked, I picked it up and started reading. I'm glad I finally read HG because we had a wonderful discussion about the book.


It was a difficult read (probably because I have a daughter just a little younger than the main character), but I did finish it quickly. I am glad I already had the 2nd book handy because the story picks up shortly after book 1 ends.


While neither of the books so far would be in my list of "favorites", I am glad I read them.

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