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Free/cheap piano sheet music for logic stage beginner

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I'm looking for sheet music to inspire my boys. They are beginners, so nothing too fancy. In my search I found this: beginner Harry Potter theme.

This is def. their level.



Know of any other sites to find free/cheap sheet music that would appeal to the logic stage child?

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We get most of our sheet music from


They usually display the first page of the music, to give you an idea of the skill level required.


I guess you can google-images to look for open-source (or fan-made) sheet music, but it really costs just a couple of dollars to buy from this company (with a coupon code for shipping). I consider it a cheap way to build interest in the kids' practicing.


Themes from movies are easily appealing songs, but the easiest versions often don't sound like the full-orchestra-instrumentation in the movie.


Sometimes you can simplify or add notes (to the music) to match your child's ability.


Ones we've bought for our kids:

Discombobulate (from Sherlock Holmes)

Star Wars Theme

Pirates of the Carib

Jane Austen Movie themes

Mister Rogers


I've created my own hand-written version of:

Downton Abbey

The Mission

Pride and Prejudice

You can watch youtubes of other people's versions.


It's a worthy pursuit!

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