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Anyone used Penny Gardner Italic?

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There is only one sample page on her website and it is in print. I was wondering what the cursive portion of the workbook is like. Is it interesting? Does it teach well? Would you recommend the program?



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There are a few threads about this:


We are using Penny Gardner's book. It was easier for us because it is an ebook and we live overseas. I find I can make as many prints of the exercise pages as I need. The author using the first 14 lessons to teach basic italic print and then the second half of the book is dedicated to cursive. The book is a text and workbook in one, giving a step by step lessons from letter formation to joins. The last bit offers some copywork both in print and cursive. The italic font used in the book is almost exactly the same as Getty-Dubay. I have not used GD but I have starwrite so I make additional copywork.


For what's worth, ds is doing much better now that we have switched to italic handwriting.

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I think she has videos on You Tube?


My son decided he wanted to learn cursive and began to teach himself with the book. I got a download from Living Books Curr. during a recent sale (but their normal price may be the same). He has just started but seems to like it.

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