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priceline, hotwire etc

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I like the priceline negotiator feature. I've gotten 3 star rooms for $50/night. They don't tell you ahead of time which hotel you're going to get, you only get to pick the rating and put in a bid. If they accept the bid they charge your CC immediately. It works if any hotel in the area will do.

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Hotwire.com now has a feature where for some of the results, you can see the name of the hotel. They charge about $12 for their service. I was able to see the Super 8 price and then go to the Super 8 website and get the room for less with AAA discount and without the "handling" fee. We use hotwire other times and they get their fee so they do get their $ from us.

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We have used hotwire and pricline many times. We usually prefer hotwire. However, with so many bedbug reports lately, I have wanted to know for sure which hotel we would be staying in.


I usually see what is available on hotwire, then check tripadvisor and expedia for reviews. If I am looking for a three-star hotel and they all have good reviews, I use hotwire. If there are any bad reviews, I choose the hotel I want to stay in and use my AAA discount.


This is the first year we have joined AAA. We made one long trip already that paid for the membership with the discounts we received.

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Priceline is my first choice usually.

Hotwire is my 2nd choice.

PL is better for:

* suburbs and not-so-big cities - particularly with families. PL is notorious for giving small beds (and only one bed) in big cities and in Europe. I can't stand them for that.

* usually get better deals on PL

* often are nicer hotels, I think. Some Hotwire hotels, particularly in Europe, leave much to be desired.

Hotwire is great for not worrying about getting only one bed.

Thanks for the reminder. I need to start organizing our summer trip soon and I really, really don't feel like it. :glare: :tongue_smilie:

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