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www.rodandstaffbooks.com is where I order them online, but if you want to order from R&S directly you have to call them. That website is a distributor called Milestone Ministries, not R&S themselves.

Also, FYI, R&S does not have reps and never has booths at conventions. The people who do the booths are local people who are in the business of selling R&S books. Yes, even though your convention program says it's Rod and Staff. If you look closely when you're there, you'll see that the sellers are actually Happy Family Bookstore (or some such thing, lol), not Rod and Staff Publishers.


The reason it is important to know this is that I know people who bought some R&S books at a convention, decided after they got home that they didn't want them, and tried to return them to Rod and Staff Publishers in Kentucky. R&S wouldn't take them back, of course, because they were not purchased from R&S. :-)

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